This page contains selected editorials and articles from past editions of ROTA's Journal "Supplement". Each edition focuses on a specific issue of importance to BAME communities. If you would like to receive future editions of Supplement you can join ROTA by completing our membership form. As the downloads on this page are pdf documents you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view them. This can be downloaded free of charge from Hard copies of Supplement can be obtained by contacting ROTA

Race on the Agenda: Supplement, Special Edition (Winter 2011) Trust and confidence in the criminal justice system

Supplement Winter 2011 coverLong-term slump in BAME trust and confidence in the police assessed for further dips

Deaths in police custody, 'under-protection' of minority ethnic communities, and shocking stop and search figures all contribute to the view that the criminal justice system is not on the side of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. Eighteen years removed from the death of Stephen Lawrence, ROTA's final Transformative Justice Project publication explores the complex issues behind trust and confidence in the criminal justice system, assessing the impact of community and institutional initiatives and making the case for a redoubled effort to (re)build BAME trust and confidence in the criminal justice system.

Download the supplement here.

Race on the Agenda: Supplement (Summer 2011) BAME Women's Sector

supplement summer 2011 coverBAME Women's Sector: Fighting for survival

Black, Asian and minority ethnic women's organisations are once again fighting for survival amid inadequate funding, discrimination and policy short sightedness. ROTA CEO Dr Elizabeth Henry asks why policy makers keep failing to meet their needs.

Download the report here.

Race on the Agenda: Supplement (Spring 2011) The Equality Act 2010

supplement spring 2011 cover'Equality Act there for the shaping' says new ROTA publication

The Equality Act 2010 can make a difference, provided local communities work collectively to make it work for them, argues a new publication from Race on the Agenda (ROTA). In ROTA's latest Supplement publication, The Equality Act 2010: What difference does it make?, experts from the voluntary sector talk about the importance of the Act for protected groups and the practical steps we can take to make it work for us. The range of topics, from HIV and employment to disability, dispel perceptions of the Act as either a cumbersome hunk of legislation or an inaccessible, unenforceable writ of law. Instead, the authors, with caution, point to examples of success and conclude that, as with many things in the sector, it really is up to us.

Download the Supplement here.

Race on the Agenda: Supplement 31 (Winter 2007) Criminal Justice System

supplement 31 coverContents:

  • The Role of Respect in Race Equality, Social Justice and Criminal Justice - Omar Khan, Runnymede Trust
  • Addressing Disproportionality in the Criminal Justice System - Neena Samota, NACRO

For a full list of contents, click here.

Race on the Agenda: Supplement 30 (Spring 2007) Special Edition - Homelessness, Working in Partnership

supplement 30 coverContents:

  • The Homeless Community - Speaking for themselves - Habiba Nabatu, OSW
  • The Invisible Dimensions of London's BAME Homeless Individuals - Dr Theo Gavrielides and Eshe Petinaud Allen, ROTA

For a full list of contents, click here.

Race on the Agenda: Supplement 29 (Summer 2006) Delivering Services - BAME Communities

supplement 29 coverContents:

  • A Reflection of Indian Communities in London - Buddhdev Pandya, Confederation of Indian Organisations
  • The Albanian-Speaking Community in the UK - Caroline ffrench Blake and Xhevat Ademi, Albanian Youth Action

For a full list of contents, click here.


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