Our Work

Our work targets policy and legislation affecting Britain's BAME communities and the BAME and equality third sector. Since its inception in 1984, ROTA's focus has been policy development, representation, awareness raising and training. Our work is evidence based and informed by the experiences of BAME communities. We collect this evidence through:

  • research (desk research, qualitative and quantitative original fieldwork with interviews, questionnaires and focus groups)
  • the ROTA based external networks
  • national and regional events and consultations
  • partnership work and membership to national and regional policy and decision making bodies

We inform and consult our members, and influence key decision makers by:

  • Carrying out and publishing in-depth research
  • Producing research publications
  • Producing policy e-newsletters
  • Producing policy briefings on specific topics
  • Holding national and regional events
  • Representing BAME communities and the BAME third sector on various national and regional forums and networks
  • Responding to government consultations

Our aim is to influence changes for more equitable treatment for all citizens by focusing on specific policy areas. Our current priority policy areas are:

  • Criminal and restorative justice
  • Pan-equalities and human rights
  • The BAME and equality third sector
  • Health inequalities, education and employment
  • Regional and national governance

As our publications show, past policy areas have included homelessness and regeneration. ROTA's policy team continues to review and develop work within the London and wider policy and funding environment.

If you would like further information about ROTA's work, please contact Andy Gregg at andy@rota.org.uk  or call 020 7697 4066.


ROTA membership is free. ROTA's members are important in all the work we produce. Without your input our publications, events and networks would lack accuracy and depth. Membership will help keep you up to date with the social policy issues affecting BAME communities.

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Our contact details are as follows:

Race on the Agenda
Resource for London
356 Holloway Road
London N7 6PA

Tel: 020 7697 4093 

Email: rota@rota.org.uk

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