Patrons and Trustees

As ROTA is a registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. Its Board are both Directors of the Company and Trustees of the Charity. They are responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation and supporting the work of the staff and volunteers. They can be contacted through or by calling the Office Administrator on 020 7697 4093.

ROTA Patrons

  1. Lord Adebowale CBE
  2. Baroness Hussein-Ece
  3. Dr Richard Stone OBE

ROTA Trustees



Professional affiliation
1 Ali Ahmed (Chair) Tower Hamlets CVS
2 Lorraine Dongo   Women's Health and Equality Consortium
3 Dr Tele Amuludun   London Metropolitan University
4 Gifford Sutherland   Foundation 4 Life
5 Gurpreet Virdee (Treasurer) Women and Girls Network
6 Dr Karim Murji   Open University
7 Maurice Mcleod (Vice-Chair) Marmoset Media
8 Keiko Okawa   London Borough of Tower Hamlets 



ROTA membership is free. ROTA's members are important in all the work we produce. Without your input our publications, events and networks would lack accuracy and depth. Membership will help keep you up to date with the social policy issues affecting BAME communities.

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Our contact details are as follows:

Race on the Agenda
Resource for London
356 Holloway Road
London N7 6PA

Tel: 020 7697 4093 


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