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Researchers reveal that ethnic diversity is good for your health

Read the latest blog 'Researchers reveal that ethnic diversity is good for your health' by Andy Gregg, ROTA Chief Executive.

It has become a commonplace idea that the more ethnic diversity there is in a society the more conflict there is. Difference and diversity are seen as negative and dangerous rather than as positive and engaging. Actually this assumption is highly questionable, but of course the Sun, the Daily Mail and the continue >>> Read more

Growing inequality is no accident

Read the latest blog 'Growing inequality is no accident' by Andy Gregg, ROTA Chief Executive.

Voice4Change England (V4CE) have recently demanded that Chancellor George Osborne should set up an inquiry into alarming new Labour Force Survey figures showing that Black British citizens are losing out in the economic “recovery”. Rates for White people in employment rose by over 360,000 (a 1.9 per cent increase) but the numbers of...Read more

How to set default homepage

How To Set Your Browser Start Page in Internet Explorer

Click on your Internet Explorer icon; you'll find this in your Start menu, or the toolbar at the bottom of your desktop window. Type in "" to IE's search box at the top of the browser window. Arrive at search engine home page. Go to toolbar at the top of browser, and click on "Tools", then "Internet Options". At the top of the pop-up, you'll see a "Home Page" box. The address of the site that you are...Read more

How to create a desktop shortcut to easyfundraising

For some people the hardest part of Easy Fundraising is remembering to use the easyfundraising site to visit online shops. To help yourself to remember you can set up an icon on your desktop which will take you straight to the easyfundraising website. Follow our step-by-step guide to show you how:

Step 1

On your desktop, click the right mouse button. On the menu that appears, click on 'New' and then 'Shortcut':

Step 2

In the box that appears, type 'http://www....Read more

Fundraise for ROTA

Are you one of the millions of people that use the internet for shopping online and/or use a search engine such as Google/Yahoo/Bing every day? Switch your searching to easysearch and at the same time raise money for ROTA at not extra cost to you!

Shop online and raise funds for ROTA

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online - from your weekly shop to your annual holiday - you could be collecting free donations for Race on the Agenda?

There are over 3,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva,...Read more

Project Activities

A range of activities have and will be continue to be delivered across the project partnership in each of the three locations across London. Over 150 participants have been involved in activities such as English language provision Sewing and tailoring. Other activities have included cookery, exercise and yoga, head massage, relaxation, welfare support and immigration advice, training on personal budgets and training on mental health and equality legislation. The project partners have also worked with University of East London, UK-Sri Lanka Trauma group and Essex University student to...Read more

Mapping exercise

Between Sept 2013 – Feb 2014, ROTA has been working with West London Mental Health Trust to identify some of the support needs of the Tamil population leaving in West London. The information obtained from this work has been used to inform a small mapping report, available here . Meanwhile the findings from the mapping have helped to shape the framework of research that ROTA will commence from April 2014, looking more in-depth at the mental health support needs of Tamil people.Read more

Project overview

Year 1

During year one of the Healthy, Mobilised and BAME, service users have been involved in English language lessons, ICT sessions and also taking part in aerobics and sewing sessions. Further training and support has been provided focused on holding public authorities to account in Ealing and Hounslow. 65 BAME people have also been involved in three separate mental health awareness sessions in Southall. June and July saw 10 community outreach officers receive specialist training around the mental health act, Mental Capacity Act and Human...Read more

Lobby-a-Lord over Immigration Bill

Make your voice heard to stop Immigration Bill creating a "hostile environment" for immigrants and all people of colour.

Please click on the link below to lobby a member of the House of Lords over the Immigration Bill:

This page will randomly generate one of several Peers we have identified as those to be lobbied to vote for progressive amendments as the Immigration Bill passes through the Lords.

By pressing the "...Read more

Peers are left to head off racist Bill

Read the latest blog 'Peers are left to head off racist Bill' by Andy Gregg, ROTA Chief Executive.

Yet again we are at the mercy of the House of Lords. After the Immigration Bill passed the House of Commons with only 16 MPs voting against it, we are again in the situation where we are reliant on the House of Lords to head off damaging, dangerous and badly thought-through legislation. continue >>> Read more