Using the Equality Act 2010: Free two day training for organisations supporting Black, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BME&R) communities

Training Day one: Complying with the Equality Act 2010

16th March 2015, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Participants will:

learn who is protected under the Equality Act 2010; learn what types of behaviour and discrimination are unlawful; review their own organisation’s policies and procedures and identify any changes needed in order to comply with the Equality Act 2010;

Training Day two: Using the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)

23rd March 2015, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Participants will:...Read more

How to talk about immigration

British Future’s new report ‘How To Talk About Immigration‘ sets out the challenges for all sides when it comes to discussing and regaining trust on one of the most hotly contested issue in British politics.

The pattern of falling trust, in politicians of every party, leads many to assume that the politics of immigration offer an impossible conundrum, one in which the public are assumed to be wholly ‘anti’ migration and whoever talks toughest has the best chance of connecting with them – an assumption that the steady rise of UKIP has done nothing to assuage.

...Read more

Racism in the delivery of mental health services - Guest blog by Suman Fernando

For many years, black and some other minority ethnic groups have been badly served by our mental health services. Some of the problems can be attributed to the fact that services have not adapted adequately to the fact that the understanding of what is ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ is culturally determined and ‘one size does not fit all’. However, there has been ..... . continue >>>> Read more

Free Schools failing black and Asian children, new research shows


Free Schools failing black and Asian children, new research shows

Free Schools were supposed to put power into the hands of local communities but they are failing children from Black, Asian and minority Ethnic communities (BAME) and increasing inequality, according to a new report.

Building on previous reports by ROTA and NASUWT this new Report again finds that a substantial proportion of free schools are not operating fair and inclusive admissions policies....Read more

Community Treatment Orders - Guest Blog by Vidushi Marda, former ROTA volunteer

Vidushi Marda, formally a ROTA volunteer in June 2014 interviewed participants of ROTA’S Healthy, Mobilised and BAME Project.

Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) were introduced in England and Wales in 2008, following the Mental Health Act of 2007. They are a mechanism of offering people..... . continue >>>> Read more

Is “White Privilege” a useful concept in the current UK context?

Read the latest blog 'Is “White Privilege” a useful concept in the current UK context?' by Andy Gregg, ROTA Chief Executive.

In the United States over the last 30years a useful concept has been developed which we could do with discussing much more on this side of the Atlantic. This is the concept of ”white privilege”. As a white person I can take a .... continue >>> Read more

aMASE community survey

The aMASE community study is an online survey. It focuses on the barriers to accessing health care for migrant communities. The survey is open to all migrants, whether they are living with HIV or not. Information from this study will be used to help plan services and ensure that the best care is available for everyone in Europe, no matter where they come from.

ROTA is promoting this important survey of health care for migrant communities. Please encourage your members to participate in the survey....Read more

Consultation on specialist services policies - NHS England

NHS England (NHSE) recently launched a three-month public consultation on changes made to a number of its specialised services policies. These policies have already been subject to stakeholder engagement and comment, however, they are now consulting on the final documents. Consultation is open until 17th September 2014 .

To view the documents and find out how you can contribute your views, please visit the NHSE website . The list open for consultation are:...Read more


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