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Inclusive Schools - Free Schools Monitoring Project

ROTA is carrying out a project that aims to help ensure that children and young people from marginalised Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities benefit from the services provided by free schools. Part of this involves research to determine: the level of involvement of BAME communities in free schools as proposers, governors, staff and pupils; the support needs of BAME communities seeking to set up free schools; and the support needs of free schools in developing inclusive services.

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Change for the Better? Government reforms and BAME communities

Have reforms exacerbated existing tensions in the lead up to the largest civil disturbance in decades? Will public sector change fill disadvantaged pockets? Will BAME communities see change without real investment?

Experts and practitioners from the voluntary and community sector set out to answer these questions and chart the way forward in our latest edition of Agenda, 'Change for the Better? Government reforms and BAME communities.'

According to Editor Joy Francis, "Government reform was the biggest running news story so far this year until the alarming riots in...Read more

Government sets minimum guidelines for equality performance

The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011 came into force on Saturday 10 September, after debates in the House of Commons on 11 July and the House of Lords on 6 September.

It is the aim of the specific duties to promote better performance of the Equality Duty by requiring public bodies to publish (1) equality objectives, at least every four years (by April 2012) and; (2) information to demonstrate their compliance with the Equality Duty, at least annually (by 31 January 2012 and April 2012 for schools).

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Patricia Lee-Sang: 'We have to believe they can change'

There has been a lot of heat and very little light so far in terms of what needs to be done to stop the riots happening again. While it's the Government's and the police's job to restore law and order, it's our job in families and communities to restore hope and a sense that there is a future for young people that is worth living and working for.

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Coalition’s free schools project spells disaster for many already facing acute educational disadvantage

The free schools agenda is coming at a high price to many communities that already face educational disadvantage, says Race on the Agenda (ROTA). There are a number of worrying cases where local communities are losing out. However, due to the limited amount of information available from the Department for Education and many of the free schools themselves, we have been unable to conclude whether these early signs are an indication of more systemic and widespread issues of inequality.

It was ROTA's concern about risks that the Coalition's free schools project could make existing...Read more

ROTA event: criminal justice and mental health a complex issue for BAME communities

Over 80 delegates from across the mental health sector and criminal justice system descended on Coin Street Community Centre on 21 July to contribute to a discussion on Exploring the fault line - issues at the intersection of criminal justice and mental health.

The event, joint-hosted by ROTA and Action for Advocacy, brought together experts, including policymakers, practitioners, academics, BAME voluntary sector representatives and professionals, to share thoughtful ideas on key concerns, gaps in service delivery and potential areas of opportunity.Read more


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