HEAR Network: 3 equality events in September - Influencing Public Sector - Mapping and Networks - Collaboration and Partnerships for Equality

HEAR (the Human Rights and Equalities Network) will be holding 3 major equality events in September to showcase and celebrate the end of its Bridge funding from City Bridge Trust.  Learn from the work we have done on the Way Ahead with our City Bridge grant funding.


  • Friday 7th September 2018, 9.30am-1.15pm, London's Living Room, City Hall - Working for Equality with the GLA and Statutory Sector colleagues: Achievements and the Way Ahead for Influence in Decisions and Policy

Come along to the fantastic environment of London's Living Room at the top of City Hall to help HEAR celebrate achievments and good practice in working with the GLA and other statutory sector services and colleagues, and plan how equality and rights civil society organisations, groups and campaigners can have an effective and stronger voice in what happens in London to support equality and tackle discrimination and disadvantage.

The event will include feedback from HEAR members on the Mayor's recently published Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and discuss how equalities groups in London can more effectively influence decisions and policy.

Good practice examples will include: Dipen Rajyaguru, Assistant Director for Equality and Patient Involvement, CWHHE Clinical Commissioning Groups and colleagues from the voluntary sector will talk about work to improve access to mental health support for BME Londoners

Inclusion Barnet and Barnet Police will talk about their work together tackling hate crime

The event will also include a presentation to Barnet Police of the #End Hate Together Award

The event will be followed by a networking lunch.

If you would like to attend please email: hear@reap.org.uk 

Don't forget to let us know about any access needs or dietary requirements!

  • Wednesday 12th September 2018, 1.20pm-5pm,  Roding Building, London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road N7 - Networks and Mapping for Campaigning and Solidarity

To consider how physical and virtual networks can enable collaboration, campaign sharing and building solidarity amongst civil society organisations, groups and campaigners working for equality and rights and to tackle discrimination and disadvantage, what tools we need and steps forward

To formulate some common ideas about the value and purpose of networks and mapping for campaigning and solidarity and how disparate ideas and methods can work together

  • To demonstrate practically how mapping can be used for campaigning and solidarity
  • To understand how physical and virtual networks can complement each other

The afternoon will include:

  • Why mapping is important for campaigning and solidarity and what kind of mapping facilitates this?
  • Philosophical and historical views on maps, concerns about control, ownership and power
  • Why and how physical and virtual networks and mapping complement each other and the value of each?
  • Demonstration of a map and how small grassroots groups can interact with such a map with minimal resources or knowledge
  • What else is going on in London about networks?
  • A Community of Practice? would this be useful and for whom?
  • Next steps together

If you would like to book a free place or would simply like to know more about the event please email: hear@reap.org.uk

If you want to attend please remember to let us know if you have any access needs or dietary requirements (Lunch will be provided)

this event is organised by the HEAR Equality and Human Rights Network in collaboration with many of our colleagues and partners, and funded by City Bridge Trust

For more information, please contact hear@reap.org.uk.

  • Wednesday 19th September 2018, 9.30am-3.30pm,  The Blue Hall and Penton Room, the Lift, Angel, N1 - Working Together for Equality in London: Collaboration, Partnership and Solidarity

As part of our celebrations to mark our funding from the City Bridge Trust to support the development of the Way Ahead, you are invited to a day of sharing and planning for future collaboration, highlighting all the many ways that we in civil society working for equality and rights collaborate and form partnerships - with each other, with people with lived experience, with funders, with people with different specialisms, with academics, with colleagues in other parts of the world, and many more-collaboration and partnership is the fundamental way we get stronger and learn in civil society-please join us for this important event.

Confirmed sessions:

  • Micro Rainbow will talk about their provision of safe accommodation for LGBTQI asylum seekers and their collaboration with a private law firm to help make this possible
  • Ashlee Christoffersen from Edinburgh University will talk about her research on how intersectionality and pan equality working is made real in civil society organisations
  • Kim Bryan from Living Waters Community in Trinidad will explain some of her work supporting refugees and women surviving domestic and sexual violence
  • Margaret Cooney, CEO of the new 'hub for London', London Plus, will talk about what the new organisation plans to do to support partnerships and collaboration in civil society in London
  • We will also look at collaborations and partnership with funders, service users and experts by experience, and between different civil society organisations

If you would like to attend please email: hear@reap.org.uk

Don't forget to let us know about any access needs or dietary requirements!

(lunch will be provided and there will be a networking tea at 3.30pm following the event)